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The Value of Professional Christian Counseling

All of us live in challenging times. Sometimes the pressures of life, the demands of our culture, or the pains of our past can wear us down, or lead us into patterns of thought and behavior that are counterproductive—or even destructive. Brokenness is a constant problem in our fallen world.

Thankfully, we can take comfort in the fact that God has provided us the answers for every burden and challenge of life. There is no problem beyond His power, and He offers encouragement, restoration, and redemption to all. The Bible is clear that each of us is “fearfully and wonderfully made” by Him and inestimably valued.


In times of struggle, Christian counseling can be a valuable tool to help us discover and embrace the unique way in which God made each of us, to help us understand how those inherent traits and temperaments affect our personal and professional relationships, and to help us follow the Bible’s guidance for overcoming our specific challenges.

Onward Christian Counseling Services exists to provide confidential, biblically-based pastoral counseling for individuals, couples, and families. Whether the need is short term or long term, we can help in a life-changing process of personal discovery, growth, and genuine restoration.

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened,

and I will give you rest."  Matt. 11:28 

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