Is your marriage performing at its optimum level, or is it running on fumes?

Has your relationship gotten a little sluggish over time?

Is your communication breaking down?

Are you getting what you need?


We can help you and your spouse discover the keys to building a stronger, happier marriage in a very short amount of time. Our revolutionary “marriage tune-up” process can change your way of thinking, correct harmful habits, and bring about immediate, positive changes that will last both of you a lifetime.


We first assess your specific needs and utilize sophisticated clinical diagnostic tools to determine the individual temperaments of each spouse. This process identifies the God-given traits of each individual and evaluates his or her natural strengths and weaknesses, and unique spiritual, emotional and physical needs. 

Couples always enjoy learning the results of their profile tests and discovering how this detailed information explains their past and can be used to dramatically enhance the dynamics of their relationship going forward. We discuss how each spouse can apply the wisdom of the Bible and the new insights about their mate to permanently improve the communication, intimacy and fulfillment of their marriage. When each person truly understands the primary needs of their spouse and how to meet those needs, a marriage can reach its full, God-ordained potential.    


It may be the best gift you ever give to one another.

Cost is only $80 per session. Most couples complete their life-changing tune-up in three sessions.