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Individual Counseling

Understanding ourselves and how each of us is uniquely crafted by God is an essential first step, not only in correcting our own bad habits and destructive behavior, but in improving our relationships with others. Every effective counseling series begins with an initial assessment, to gain eye-opening insights into our own God-given temperaments and the real reasons for why we think, feel and act the way we do. Once we can accurately identify the root causes for our emotional and behavioral challenges, we can work on a plan of action to affect real and lasting change in our lives and achieve the full potential that God desires for us.  

Marriage Counseling

Every successful marriage requires effort and commitment by both spouses. In addition to the inherent differences between men and women, our individual temperaments and life experiences can add to the complexity, misunderstanding and lack of communication that gradually develops in many marriages. Many couples who experience marital difficulties follow a common pattern of behaviors that can lead to increasing distance, animosity, resentment, and even separation or divorce, if not properly addressed. Some marriages would do well with an honest evaluation and occasional “tune up,” while others require true crisis intervention. Whatever the situation, professional, biblically-based counseling can help.  

Family Counseling

Family counseling sessions can be a valuable exercise to better understand, relate to and appreciate the people closest to us. All members of the family can benefit from and enjoy learning how each of their unique, God-given temperaments naturally interact with one another, and how simple changes in familiar patterns can dramatically improve the family dynamic. Parents can also gain valuable new insights into the minds and hearts of their children, and how best to guide each individual child along the path to the confident, abundant life God has planned for them.

Speaking Engagements & Seminars

Kelly L. Johnson maintains a busy speaking schedule addressing church groups, women's conferences and large public events on a variety of relevant and timely topics. From improving relationships and productivity in groups and organizations, to strengthening marriages, parenting and family dynamics, to overcoming fear and anxiety, to current events and public policy, to developing a biblical worldview, Kelly can tailor a memorable message to suit almost any occasion. Her insights forged from more than two decades of Christian cultural engagement, personal triumph over tragedy, and training as a Licensed Pastoral Counselor and Certified Temperament Counselor make her messages relevant, unique and memorable. Contact us today to book your next event. (Fee may varies depending upon event size, length and topics.)    

Bylaws (Operating Agreement) of OCCS, LLC

Onward Christian Counseling Services, LLC is a duly registered Louisiana company that abides by all applicable laws, the provisions of its company operating agreement and the principles of faith articulated therein. A copy of the operating agreement is available for review by clicking this PDF icon.    

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